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Broiled Caper Halibut with Cauliflower & Mushrooms.

  • 2 tbsp
  • 1 medium head
  • 1 lb
    cremini mushrooms
  • ¾ lb
    halibut fillet
  • ½ small bunch
    Italian (flat-leaf) parsley
  • ½
  • ¼ cup
    black pepper
    extra virgin olive oil
    white wine vinegar
  • 1
    Preheat oven to broil on high and position rack about 6 inches under the broiler.
  • 2
    Wash and dry the fresh produce.
    1 medium head cauliflower
    1 lb cremini mushrooms
    ½ small bunch Italian (flat-leaf) parsley
    ½ lemon
  • 3
    Remove leaves from cauliflower; cut into bite-sized florets and place in a large mixing bowl.
  • 4
    Cut mushrooms into quarters and add to the bowl with the cauliflower.
  • 5
    Drizzle cauliflower and mushrooms with oil and season with thyme, salt, and pepper; toss to coat.
    2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
    ½ tsp thyme
    ½ tsp salt
    ½ tsp black pepper
  • 6
    Place on a parchment lined baking sheet. Place baking sheet in oven and broil until golden, 6-8 minutes, tossing halfway through.
  • 7
    Shave leaves from parsley stems; discard stems and mince the leaves. Set aside.
  • 8
    Cut lemon into wedges and set aside with parsley.
  • 9
    Drain and rinse capers.
    2 tbsp capers
  • 10
    Spread the oil over the halibut using a spoon or your hands and season with salt and pepper.
    ¾ lb halibut fillet
    1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
    ¼ tsp salt
    ¼ tsp black pepper
  • 11
    When cauliflower is golden, place fish on top and sprinkle with capers. Broil until the fish is opaque, 5-7 minutes.
  • 12
    When fish is cooked, sprinkle with raisins and broil until raisins are plump and hot, about 30 seconds.
    ¼ cup raisins
  • 13
    Divide halibut and vegetables between plates and drizzle with vinegar and any accumulated pan juices. Top with parsley and serve with lemon wedges. Enjoy!
    1 tbsp white wine vinegar